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3 Months and 3 Years


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My boys are about 3.5 years apart.  This month, William turns 3 months old and he is a typical, healthy, happy baby.  We are very blessed to have him.

Turning 3 months old

Will now sees the world with 20/20 vision and looks at everything with wonder and curiosity.  I was a bit disappointed that his eye sight was not better when he was born because in the first two months he couldn’t make eye contact.  Now, his eyes are open and wide and he can see me, coo, and smile and it’s the most wonderful thing to have the most beautiful eyes of my son to gaze at his mother.

Ethan continues to do well.  He has his own growing personality and is pretty much your typical toddler.  He became much more demanding when the baby arrived, but I hope it’s just a phase and he will gain understanding and patience.

Adventure food safari

As summer’s end draws near, we think of our last party to hold as our last bid farewell to a wonderful and fantastic summer season.  Consider theme parties with themed “items” of food for you and your guests to enjoy.  Of course, this menu can be added to any kind of party.

Adventure Food Safari

“Before the adventure Begins – Appetizers”
Grab Your Gear!                              Plates, cups, flatware, napkins
Deviled Eggs                                    Bird’s nests
Potato chips                                     Beetle wings
Trail mix                                           Critter crunch
Darkened chocolate                         Monkey chips
Cheetos                                           Tiger tails
Popcorn                                            Gorilla food in a bag

“The Watering hole – Drinks”

“The Adventure Begins – Main courses with side dishes”
BBQ Korean Short Ribs                       Lion’s cuisine
Hot Dogs                                             Hot cross cobra buns
Spaghetti w/ meat sauce                    Slithering snakes
Steamed rice                                       Jungle grain
Eggrolls                                                River logs
Dinuguan                                             The dark lagoon
Pizza                                                    Giraffe’s tongue
Beef casserole                                      Python’s pasta
Salad                                                     Amazon salad
Meatballs                                              Crocodile eggs
White castle burgers                             Hippo burgers
Buffalo wings                                         Rumble in the jungle
Ground beef hash                                  Rhino hash

“Near Journey’s End – Desserts”
Animal cookies                                    Safari buddies
Brownies                                             Hippo mud puddles
Pies                                                     Leopard/tiger pies
Cupcakes on a stand                           Look out point
Grapes                                                 Snake eyes
Mixed fruit                                            Paradise delight
Fruit salad                                            Forest gems



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We had Ethan and Will both circumcised when they were only a few days old.  There are a lot of different opinions and controversies surrounding circumcision.  Nowadays, most insurance companies do not pay for the procedure, saying it is an elective surgery.  However, studies have shown that a circumcised penis prevents infections and the risk of having STDs when they get older.

Ethan was about 11 days old when he was circumcised by a Jewish rabbi.  We chose a rabbi, not necessarily for religious reasons, but because he could come on short notice and we paid for his travel expenses coming down from L.A.  The procedure he used was simple on Ethan.  It was quick and relatively, painless.  Ethan was fed sugar water and a little bit of wine to help him deal with the pain thereafter.

Will was about 6 days old when we took him to the doctor.  The doctor performed the circumcision at her clinic.  Her procedure took about 20 minutes but was more scientifically safe and less prone to accidents than the Jewish rabbi’s technique.  The rabbi’s technique can be considered more risky but he was quicker.  He performed the surgery in less than 20 seconds after he got all his tools ready.  We chose the medical doctor because the rabbi’s services cost about twice as much as the what this doctor charges this time. When choosing a rabbi, consider someone with a lot of experience because human error is possible when doing the circumcision.  In any case, both the doctor and rabbi did a great job.

William was administered some local anesthesia in his circumcised area and everything went well.  The nurse gave him some sugar water to help calm his nerves.  He quickly calmed down after and we fed him his milk.  I think there was also less down time in Will’s recovery than with Ethan.

The Hat Question


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Before William was born, I looked around for items he may need.  I thought it would be nice to get him some baby hats.  Older brother Ethan wore hats a lot because he was born during wintertime when he was a baby.  He needed a hat to cover his head when it was cold.  Hats are good because they keep the head warm and prevents stomach aches.  I learn this tip from my mother.  Usually, babies need hats because they are born with sparse, little, or no hair on their head.

This time around, I got William many different hats in all colors and designs.  Unfortunately, the hats did not stay on his head because, he was born with a full head of hair!  Every time we put one on, it didn’t stay on for long because his thick, silky locks would slip the hat out of his head.  We did manage to take some pictures with one dark blue hat while he was in the hospital.  That was cute but that hat didn’t stay on very long, of course.

I have to not buy him knitted hats that fits on too snugly.  Maybe we should get him a little sun hat with a strap to fit under his chin next.  I hope it won’t fall out!

A Heaven-sent Gift


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On the day you were born

God smiled

and sent you little angels

to be with you

to protect and guide you

He gave a mother to love and hold you

A father to provide warmth and encouragement

A family to cherish

And God sent me you

To relish in this miracle of life

The springtime of our lives

And take delight in the moments

in the short time we are here

to love one another

And hold our treasures dear.


Two Month Mark


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The two month mark of my newborn, William has passed and mommy and baby are doing great! Hooray!  After two months, he is able to sleep through the night.  He understands the two realities of night and day and that at night we go to sleep for about 6 – 8 hours a night.  He would wake up sometimes, but not disturb his mother.  Will likes to play with his hands and wave his arms and legs around in the crib.  He doesn’t cry for attention because he knows he is fine and goes back to sleep.  His thumbs, right and left, keep him content and placid.